From the fingers of Matt Hoy, Program Manager at ANAM:

The Suites are some of the most loved, recognizable, and often-performed works for cello. The purity and effortlessness of Bach’s melodic gift underpinned by a profound musical complexity and intellect has provided a continually engaging source of inspiration for performers and audiences alike.

Academy cellists continue their long-term exploration and development of the suites in this exciting project that draws human movement, space and light into a dialogue with traditional instrumental performance. The innate movement of cello technique is extrapolated into expansive physical gesture, and the modulations of harmony transform space into a landscape of light and sound…..

Led by Faculty member Howard Penny, choreographer Helen Herbertson & Bluebottle, the Bach Suites have been a journey of exploration into how aural and visual expression can interrelate and inform each other from the very beginning of a creative process. The workshop setting challenges performer/cellist to embrace the spatial relationships and physicality of performance, and the dancer/designer to discover the subtleties of musical language…

Stay in the loop by registering your interest with ANAM reception, and be invited to experience a behind the scenes glimpse at the project in action at key points during its unique and often unexpected evolution.

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