The Orchestra of the Academy will be performing György Kurtág’s Grabstein Für Stephan which features Slava Grigoryan on guitar, whistles and airhorns.

A bit of info about the work:

Grabstein für Stephan, or “Gravestone for Stephen” (1989) is a requiem inspired by Vivaldi A short work, but one that is incredibly focused and ultimately profoundly intense. Beginning with chords played on the guitar, and with exchanges between woodwind, the development is towards funereal dissonance culminating in the first climax past low strings and dark woodwind and brass. The effect is at once startling and terrifying, particularly since the music then returns to the minimalism of the guitar, only for the piece to end in the devastation of total silence. <source: http://inkpot.com/classical/stockurtdg.html&gt;

Macarthur Clough (former clarinetist) and Doug Coghill (former violist) now expert whistlers:

The airhorn crew, Isobel Hede (violin), Ben Caddy (viola) and Alex Isted (violin):


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