Into the Music this weekend on ABC Radio National
17: 05 Saturday 20 November, repeat 15:05 (1605 in WA) Friday 26 November

A Week in Heaven Earlier this year, conductor Simone Young spent a week at the Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne rehearsing Mahler’s fourth symphony, a work that explores life and death, childhood and youth, through melodic invention and sheer orchestral beauty.

Former Chief Conductor of the Australian Opera, Simone Young is now Music Director of the Hamburg State Opera – a post that Mahler himself occupied in the 1890s. The ANAM players are young, most in their early 20s, and this was their first Mahler symphony. Both conductor and players share their thoughts on the playing of this seminal work by Mahler.

Producer: Jennifer Bowen. Sound engineer: Alex Stinson
This program foreshadows the ABC Classic FM live broadcast on Friday the 26th of November of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Mahler’s fourth symphony, with conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy


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