The Chamber Music Competition Finalist were announced today.  The final will be held on Fri 3 December at 7pm, free entry.

(In no particular order)

Bartók Contrasts
Belinda McGlynn, piano
Macarthur Clough, clarinet
Richard Pollet, violin

Penderecki Sextet
‘Ioakimidis-MacDougall and Friends’
Georgia Iokimidis-MacDougall, horn
Alex Isted, violin
Kathryn MacKay, viola
Anna Pokorny, cello
Liam Kinson, clarinet
Leigh Harold, piano

Bartók String Quartet No. 1 Op.7
‘Emerald Hill String Quaret’
Kate Sullivan & Anna O’Hagan, violin
Doug Coghill, viola
Jarrad Mathie, cello

Bruce Gumboots
Alex Morris, clarinet
Francesca Hiew &  Lachlan O’Donnell, violin
Ben Caddy, viola
Rebecca Proietto, cello

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