It’s always sad when the year ends because some of our students leave ANAM for new jobs and opportunities.  We would like to say goodbye to the following students (and their notable achievements) and we wish them all the best for their bright futures:

Jack Chenoweth (violin) whose achievements include battling (and winning) Ysaÿe’s String Trio.
Christina Katsimbardis (violin) who won hearts with vanilla fridge wipe (the student fridge has never looked better) and Bartók String Quartet No.5 (as second violin).
Lucas O’Brien (violin) for being the ‘face of ANAM’ as seen on the banner behind the reception desk, pages 1 and 5 of the ANAM brochure.
Richard Pollett (violin) for presenting a knockout performance at this year’s Young Performer’s Award.
Susannah Williams (violin) as the concertmaster of Simone Young Conducts Mahler.
Christopher Cartlidge (viola) for the best eye contact in any chamber music ensemble.
Kathryn (Katie) McKay (viola) for her Venus hair and friendly smiles.
Neil Thompson (viola) the man on the scooter.
Stefan Cassomenos (piano) for being one of the most entrepreneurial musicians at the Academy.
David Paterson (piano) whose feet are proudly displayed on a banner in the ANAM hallway.
Lina Andonovska (flute) for winner of ‘Best Solo Recital Program 2010’ (wonder if it had anything to do with the half naked dancer?)
Karina Window (oboe) for being the sweetest.
Melissa Woodroffe (bassoon) for never EVER bothering the girls at reception.
Lauren Whitehead (french horn) for being oh so bubbly and bouncy.
Kristian Winther (violin) whose final performance of Golijov’s Last Round brought a bit of Bernstein into ANAM.

We will miss you all!



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