3 ANAM students (Flautist Lina Andonovska, Oboist Rachel Cashmore and violist Douglas Coghill) are currently in East Timor working with our Outreach & Community Manager, Gillian Howell to help bring music to children living in the region.  Holly (a member of the troupe) recently sent us an email about their adventures.

From: Holly Schauble
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2011 11:17:59 +1100
Subject: Lospalos

Dear ANAM,

Just a quick note to say that everything is going really well here in Lospalos. Lina, Rachel and Doug are fantastic and have adapted amazingly well – I am very impressed with them on a number of levels.

On Sunday we went to the local convent where Gillian held a music workshop with about 100 local kids. The ANAM students participated and the local kids were mesmerised by the students and their instruments, and vice-versa! We think Doug needs to give up his orchestral aspirations and just come play with kids in Timor for the rest of his life.

Today we are organising for the students to play on local radio and on Saturday there will be a big east-meets-west performance in the centre of town. We will run traditional instruments making workshops first and then have a big community improvisation.

Will try to email again this week – we are very busy!

Best wishes,



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