Last week, we were delighted to have Finnish violinist Pekka Kuusisto and pianist Iiro Rantala join us for a week of excellent music-making.  You can now watch a clip (on our facebook page) of ‘rehearsing’ the improvisation that would be used in the second set of their performance Three Finnish Sets.

The reason it was ‘rehearsed’ was that Pekka created a grid on the floor, with each square corresponding to a particular note and metric beat.  When someone stood in a square, the musician would play their allocated note (from low C to top C – an octave in total) and count out from beats 1-5 (this was later change to 8 beats) when they were meant to play.  Confusing? Yes!  Fun? Absolutely! Watch the clip, it might make more sense (or not, but it’s fun to watch!).

Watch the clip here


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