Breath Week

At some point in the planning process, our Artistic Director Paul Dean decided to have an entire week dedicated to breath.  Why?  You may ask.  Well, as a clarinettist, Paul spends a whole lot of time breathing.  And this got him thinking.  We all have to breathe right?  Wind players are particularly good at it, but what about violinists and the rest of the string world?  They need to breathe too. An Academy cellist was once talking to a fellow student saying that ‘my teacher is always on me to breathe better.  He thinks that I don’t breathe well and it affects my playing’.  So cello teachers have been thinking about it too.

In his research for the project, Paul came to the very articulate conclusion that ‘breath is the power of music’.  If we can’t breath in a constructive, useful and engaged way, how can we phrase music or develop a beautiful musical line?  He decided to dedicated a week that looks at how we breathe, how we play and how our bodies work.

The ANAM choir (featuring the entire student body, staff and faculty), directed by Victorian Opera’s Musical Director, Richard Gill met for the first time this morning. The first of five Breath Week inspired performances was at lunchtime, and the students are now in a lecture with Ron Morris and Margaret Schindler examining the art of Accent Breathing.

Richard Gill will be conducting a public lecture on the history of breathing featuring the ANAM choir this Friday at 3PM, so if you want to more, come along!


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