A slightly delayed post, but a very important one nonetheless!  We pay tribute to those students who are not returning to ANAM in 2012.

Here’s what we remember about our  (now) departed students of 2011:

Isabel Hede her fabulous hair, big smile and unmatchable energy.
Alexandra Isted whose zest for life, ice-cream and a good laugh will always be remembered.
Simone Linley-Slattery for being the face on the banner in ANAM’s foyer and her amazing ability to look like an angel when she plays the violin.
Lachlan O’Donnell for being one of the busiest (touring, performing, soloing… just to name a few).
Matthew Rigby and his absolute love, passion and commitment toWednesday afternoon teas.
Kate Sullivan for just being the sweetest.
Lucy Warren  if there was laughter, Lucy was the source!
Benjamin Caddy the quiet, the unassuming and the cheeky.
Douglas Coghill for being the most lovely, friendly and kind person.
Laura Curotta the matriarch of the viola section.
Sariah Xu for being just being really lovely!
Chris Howlett for being the face (or should we say behind) of ANAM’s 2011 brochure.
Sarah Kim only with us for 6 months, now spends her days eating pretzels in Germany.
Anna Orzech for having the best earring collection we have ever seen!
Doug Rutherford for being the patriarch of the double bass section.
Belinda McGlynn gentle, unassuming and capable.
Taryn Richards for being one of the busiest flute players, ever!
Thomas Hutchinson Winning ANAM’s Concerto Competition (also one of the busiest oboists at ANAM).
Rachel Cashmore for being so wonderful, lovely and happy.
Liam Kinson who could forget that lion’s mane of hair!
Alexander Vetter for conquering illness after illness and still being a bassoon hero.
Chloe Turner another six month-er, she now spends her time with the Hong Kong Philharmonic.
Sharn McIver for proving that ‘Love Never Dies’ after performing over one hundred and something performances of the famous musical.
Andrew Young for being an all round-round french horn superstar!


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