Mattew Hindson is one of the most-performed and most-commissioned composers of his generation and in 2012 acts as resident composer at ANAM. He recently took the time of answering a few questions for us.

What is the main challenge a classical music composer faces at present times?
There are two that immediately come to mind.  Firstly, what can a composer achieve through his or her music that hasn’t already been achieved by so many amazing composers who have come before us?  Second, how can we write music that has a connection to our times, as Australians living in a society that is very different to that of 40 years ago, let alone 400 years ago?

What do you hope to achieve with ANAM students as a resident composer this year?
I hope to offer the students the opportunity for them to consider how they fit into a continuously expanding and continuing musical tradition, a tradition based on what has come before but which relies on renewal and regeneration for its continued vibrancy.  The ANAM participants are in a unique position: they are in an equally important position in dictating the direction of music in the future, equal with composers and audiences. 

You’ve written a couple of pieces inspired in simple things such as strobe lights or lighting a match. What is it from everyday life that sparks your desire to create music?
My own opinion is that I feel that music should relate to us, to the here and now, in some ways.  Relating music to everyday objects is one way to spark the audience’s imagination, and for them to compare their thoughts with my own.

You have curated one of the Australian Voices concerts for September with Paul Stanhope’s music. For you, what is the most interesting thing about him and his music?
Paul Stanhope manages to combine a uniquely personal vision of what music can be with a strength of technique and musical judgement that places him firmly amongst the ranks of the best composers in this country.  It is always a pleasure to hear Paul’s music as there is something to surprise and astonish within a musical context with which it is possible to engage even on a first hearing.

Matthew’s Piano Trio will be performed by Peter de Jager and ANAM Musicians at the
Mother’s Day Concert

Sunday 13 May, 2pm

Also join us for:

In Conversation with Matthew Hindson
Friday 15 June, 1pm

Paul Stanhope curated by Matthew Hindson
Thursday 13 September

Visit Matthew’s website here.


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