ANAM student, Laura Brown shows us how to make a bassoon reed (highly relevant in most of our lives!)

Step 1) Get your tools ready!
Step 2) Soak the cane (made from bamboo – the cane on the top is gouged and profiled, underneath is shaped in preparation for forming)
Step 3) Fold cane over steel ruler to create the two sides of the reed
Step 4) Place on shaper
Step 5) Cut away excess cane, guided by the shaper’s edge
Step 6) Sand sides of reed
Step 7) Cut a horizontal edge to separate the blade of the reed from the tube (also prevents reed from splitting too far)
Step 8) Scoring – cutting vertical slits in reed in preparation for forming the tube of the reed
Step 9) Scoring deeper cuts in the reed
Step 10) Wrap reed in wire to secure sides together
Step 11) Slide the reed on the the mandrel (wooden handled device that creates the curve of the tube)
Step 12) Sealing the tube with glue
Step 13) Binding the reed with nylon thread
Step 14) Scraping the reed
Step 14) Scraping the reed
Step 16) Measuring the thickness with a micrometre
Step 17) The finished product!
Amazing isn’t it? Thanks Laura for showing us how!

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