Photo: Pia Johnson

Violinst Edwina George talks Szymanowski, Mozart and ice-cream!

How long have you been a student at ANAM?
Since 2010 (3 years)


What have you chosen to perform for your recital?
Szymanowski Sonata and the Mozart Violin Concerto No.5 with chamber orchestra.

How long have you been preparing?
Honestly, the Symanowski a week ago!  I had an audition recently and I have spent most of my time preparing for that.  The Mozart, I been playing for a while, pretty much six years!  I will continue to play it for the rest of my life! It’s a lifetime piece.

What are you most looking forward in your recital?
The whole thing!  The Szymanowski, no one ever plays it, so it’s pretty rare to hear a live performance of it, I like to introduce my peers and the audience to a new piece.  The Mozart is pretty exciting, and I am directing the orchestra from the violin, which I have never done before.

What’s the hardest thing about presenting a solo recital?
Managing your time in the lead up so that you get enough work done and cover the components.  Also, rehearsing with the pianist (and the orchestra in my case!).

What’s your post concert ritual?
The past two years, I have had an evening recital so I usually go to dinner in the local area with any of my family who have come from Brisbane.  I also like to take along the performers just to say thanks!

Finally, favourite ice-cream?
Well considering I make my own, pretty much anything!  Vanilla… or meringue… no wait, definitely vanilla!

Edwina George, violin
Wed 13 June, 6pm

Szymanowski Violin Sonata Op. 9
Mozart Violin Concerto No. 5 (with orchestra)

$5 entry, ANAMates Free


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