Dafydd Camp, oboe

Yes, it’s semester break, but by no means is it quiet here at ANAM. Though we have no concerts or events on for a few weeks, our students are still as keen as mustard, filling the practice rooms and corridors with the sound of music.  In one room we find Dafydd Camp practising orchestral excerpts for the Principal Cor Anglais audition for QSO later this month. “I’m playing them for Georgina to critique”, says Dafydd.  Orchestral excerpts are bread-and-butter for the aspiring orchestral musician, with selections of famous works needing to be performed to utmost perfection in order to stand out in the rigorous auditioning process.

Fellow oboist Georgina Roberts has come in today to continue perfecting the Martinů Oboe Concerto, which she will perform in the second round of ANAM’s Concerto Competition later in the year.  “Term Three will be an even busier term for us than the last,” says Georgina.  “I’m looking forward to the week of chamber concerts of the music of Les Six.”  “The next ANAM Orchestra concert [Paul Daniel Conducts] also has big repertoire for us,” adds Dafydd.

For our interstate students, one would think the mid-year break would allow students to visit home and spend time with their families.  “I am actually going back home to Brisbane next week,” says Georgina.  “But it won’t be a relaxing break, I’m heading home to play with the AYO!”  AYO Season 2 this year will be with Simone Young, featuring Strauss’ An Alpine Symphony.

Upstairs, the highlight for one ANAM staff member was stumbling across horn player, Georgia Ioakimidis-MacDougall rehearsing the theme from Star Wars in the Council Chamber!

ANAM is such an entertaining place to be. Even during the holidays, you simply cannot stop the music!


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