Dafydd Camp
Photo: Pia Johnson

How long have you been a student at ANAM?
Just over 18 months, coming up to the end of my second year.

What have you chosen to perform for your recital?
Two solo etudes by Gilles Silvestrini which are inspired by French paintings, the fabulous and famous Mozart oboe quartet, the very heartfelt Carlo Yvon Sonata for cor anglais and piano, and finally the Dutilleux Oboe Sonata, one of my favourite pieces.

How long have you been preparing?
For a number of months. I find it best to map of the challenges of the pieces early so that they are easier to manage.

What are you most looking forward to in your recital?
Probably the Mozart quartet. It is such a well known work, and I rarely get to play in a small ensemble with strings. It was written over 200 years ago but is still beautiful and captivating.

What’s the hardest thing about presenting a solo recital?
Switching between styles and emotions, as each work is different and has to be presented that way. Stamina as well! Oboe can be exhausting and sometimes I like to go hard and forget how long I have to play for.

What’s your post concert ritual?
It varies but inevitably involves chocolate. And then moving onto the next music I need to learn!

 Finally, favourite ice-cream?
Macadamia and Mango Weiss bars. Nothing compares.


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