Justin Beere
Photo: Pia Johnson

How long have you been a student at ANAM?
Six months.

What have you chosen to perform for your recital?
I have chosen the Françaix Tema con variazone, Howard Sandroff’s Tephillah (Prayer) for clarinet and Digital Signal Processors and the Brahms Sonata in F Minor for clarinet and piano.

How long have you been preparing?
Two weeks – I’ve been working on a lot of projects with ANAM since returning from Canada three weeks ago. The Françaix I’ve been learning for about eight months but the others are very new to me.

What are you most looking forward to in your recital?
The Tephillah because I haven’t worked with live sound editing before and it could go any which way.

What’s the hardest thing about presenting a solo recital?
That its live, once you’ve created it you can’t get it back. Also stamina across all the different environments, we’re playing in environments which are different contextually and style-wise as well.

What’s your post concert ritual?
It probably starts with “Oh my god that was really terrible”. I’ll probably hate on myself for about half an hour and then Stewart Kelly (pianist and ANAM student) will convince me that it was fine. And then I’d probably go to the pub.

Finally, favourite ice-cream?
All of it.

Justin Beere
Thursday 20 September, 2PM

Françaix Tema con variazione
Sandroff  Tephillah (Prayer) for clarinet and Digital Signal Processors
Brahms Sonata in F minor for clarinet and piano

Justin Beere clarinet

Read more about Justin here

Justin is generously supported by Jeffrey Rosenfeld AM


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