Ashley Smith

The 2012 Musical Happenings of Ashley William Smith
ANAM Alum, Clarinet (2008-10)


I wake up and pinch myself daily – I honestly cannot believe how lucky I am to be studying at Yale University. Bill and Hilary, George Bush (Senior and Junior) and Tom Hanks are all ‘Yalies,’and not to forget my favourite actress, Meryl Streep. I am currently in the final year of a Master of Music program and am inspired and challenged as a musician every day.

A typical week for me at Yale involves chamber music and orchestra rehearsals, as well as classes in voice (more on that later), orchestration, analysis, contemporary ear training, American music history and career training. The most important part of the Yale experience, for me, are my lessons with my teacher David Shifrin. Shifrin is an inspiring musician: since discovering his recordings of Mozart, Schumann and Brahms when I was a child, he has always been one of my favourite clarinettists. Each week I have a lesson with Shifrin as well as chamber music coachings (currently I’m working on the Brahms Trio and Pierrot Lunaire) as well a clarinet studio classes. Below is a photo of Shifrin, myself, and my studio colleague (and housemate), Igal.

Shifrin has also been a wonderful coach with the duo work that I do with Aura Go (ANAM Alum 2009). We most recently worked on a two recitals of Beethoven, Schumann, Berg and Widmann, the performances of which can be found via the following Youtube links.:









Aura and I just before a recital at Sprague Hall, Yale University.


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