Katie Yap viola

How long have you been a student at ANAM?
One year

What have you chosen to perform for your recital?
Villa-Lobo duet for viola and violin, Williams Romance for viola and piano and the Schumann piano quartet

How long have you been preparing?
The last couple of months

What are you most looking forward to in your recital?
Getting to play with some of my favourite people and some really exciting works – I chose the stuff I really like. The Schumann will be a great piece. It’s been a journey.

What’s the hardest thing about presenting a solo recital?
Choosing the repertoire because I’ve never had total free reign over an hour’s worth of music. There’s so much to chose from with chamber music and it’s important to choose pieces that go well together. And finding time to rehearse.

What’s your post concert ritual?
Chocolate. So much chocolate

Finally, Favourite ice-cream?

Katie Yap
Thursday 15 November

Villa-Lobo Duo for Violin and Viola
Williams Romance for Viola and Piano
Schumann Piano Quartet in E flat major

Katie Yap 

Read more about Katie here.

Katie Yap is generously supported by ANAM Syndicate David and Gillian Ritchie and Dr David Wood


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