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The South Melbourne Town Hall is in the middle of major renovations to most of the building.  In preparation for the new academic year, the building is teaming with carpenters, carpet layers, painters, electricians, plasterers,  other handy people and our fabulous Project Manager, Deb Taylor, are breathing new life into ANAM.

With the inaugural cohort of percussion students starting this year, it became very apparent that we were no longer going to fit in our current configuration.  Mid last year, ANAM acquired the upper west wing of the Town Hall (which will become the new staff offices) allowing the ground floor to be committed to more practise rooms.  With the generous support of the City of Port Phillip and the Victorian State Government, ANAM will now be better able to service the needs of students, staff, faculty and audiences with more rooms, better lighting and a fresh look.

The students will now have an additional seven practice rooms (for both private solo practise and chamber music) as well as  a percussion studio and student common room.  The current staff offices (behind reception) will become a new piano studio for Resident Faculty member, Timothy Young and a substantial sized practise room.

ANAM Reception and the box office will still remain downstairs and entrance to ANAM will remain the same (corner of Bank and Layfield streets).


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