The Raah Project_BW_LGE

Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC) will play host to ANAM students and Tamil Rogeon from The Raah Project. In a series of workshops over six weeks, Rogeon and ANAM will work with junior and senior string players at CSC, culminating in a performance at the Castlemaine State Festival.

Krista Horbatiuk of the Festival says the collaboration came about in a serendipitous way. The Raah Project were already slated to perform at the festival when ANAM expressed an interest in being involved. “Tamil thought it would be a great thing to try and get them to do something together. It turned into a mentoring program with the secondary school students.” Not only will the students at CSC be mentored, but ANAM students will work beforehand with Rogeon, gaining techniques and insights into building a musical career.

With the students ranging in age from thirteen to seventeen, skill levels will be varied, but the mentors will tailor the program to the needs of the students. “Tamil and the ANAM students will be working with the junior students on different kinds of performance exercises that can be done on stage. The senior students will be working a bit more on prepared pieces, and some solos,” says Horbatiuk. CSC students have already begun learning improvisational string techniques, which will be sharpened by their work with Rogeon. The ANAM string players will guide students on more traditional classical pieces.

The Raah Project will present a second concert the same day, featuring new collaborative musical works delivered by a 26-piece ensemble comprising a horn section, jazz rhythm section and string section including players from ANAM.

Sat 23 March, 4PM
Tamil Rogeon violin
ANAM Musicians
Castlemaine Secondary College Students

Venue Castlemaine Town Hall
Tickets All $10
Bookings castlemainefestival.com.au or (03) 5472 5123

Sat 23 March, 8PM
The Raah Project
ANAM Musicians

Venue Castlemaine Town Hall
Full $35 Concession $30
castlemainefestival.com.au or (03) 5472 5123


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