Since the beginning of April, I’ve been religiously crossing off the days in my calendar with red marker until the date reaches the 9th of September – which is when myself, Josh Rogan, Ash Carter and Louisa Trewartha will compete in the first round of the Aeolus International Competition for Wind Instruments in Dusseldorf, Germany.  It has reached single digits until the date I’m set to leave Australia, and my excitement is reaching a boiling point! This time next week I’ll be heading to the birthplace of ABBA (in case you’re not a Eurovision fan like the rest of civilized society: that’s Sweden) to have a lesson with one of the founding members of the famous Stockholm Chamber brass: Urban Agnes.  I’m also looking forward to getting a photo outside of IKEA HQ and after a few hearty serves of Swedish meatballs (ja) I’ll be off to Berlin for a week then finally Dusseldorf.

My whole year at ANAM so far has been centred on the next few weeks. I began planning for this competition in November last year with my teachers, Dave Elton and Tristram Williams along with Paul Dean. I really wanted to spend the first half of this year purely working on repertoire and the competition has been a really good vehicle for that. Aelous consists of 4 rounds of differing repertoire: with 8 works in total, including 2 to be performed from memory. It’s been a huge task, but the results of all my hard work are paying off already. My annual ANAM recital is this coming Monday (26th Aug) and it will give me a great opportunity to perform three major works from the first and second round of the competition. But this coming Friday night (23rd) you can catch my esteemed colleagues and myself in a fundraising concert I have organized: with all proceeds from ticket and CD sales going to support our trip!

For more info on our upcoming fundraising concert, please have a look at our Facebook events page
Hope to see you there!
And before you ask; no, unfortunately we won’t be performing ABBA.



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