The ANAM Concerto Competition is an integral part of ANAM’s performance training. It provides our young musicians with the opportunity to prepare and perform a concerto and for the successful finalists, the valuable experience of being able to perform as a soloist with Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. This year, under the baton of TSO Chief Conductor Marko Letonja on Wednesday 12 August.

ANAM Pianist Alex Raineri, 2014 ANAM Concerto Competition winner, recently reflected on his experience in the competition last year:

It was such a wonderful opportunity to have been part of the 2014 ANAM Concerto Competition and to perform with Maestro Marc Taddei and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Apart from the merits of winning the competition, I really benefited from the several stages of the competition, which meant that we were encouraged to prepare our concertos for performance at different points throughout the year and hence the performing experience for me grew and matured each time.

I’m enormously grateful for having been given the opportunity to work and perform with the TSO – these kinds of opportunities are few and far between. Unfortunately, possibilities to work with professional orchestras as a young musician are rapidly disappearing (even within the competition field). It’s invaluable that ANAM presents this means of professional development for its musicians.

Last year I performed Bela Bartok’s Third Piano Concerto. This is a piece that I’ve lived with quite intimately for a couple of years. It was the subject of my Honours thesis at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music (Griffith University) and also a major work in my final fourth year recital. It’s such an incredible piece of music and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have performed the work with such a wonderful orchestra.

How did I prepare for the final performance? Well of course practice plays a big part in the preparation process. Also, seeing as performing with such large groups of people is not so common or comfortable for me, it was useful to immerse myself in studying the orchestral score. It proved to be very useful to know who was doing what when it came to rehearsals and made the rehearsal process very smooth.

In terms of what I gained from the experience, it’s hard to put into words! The performance itself was an important learning experience but it was also so nice to spend time in Hobart with my fellow finalists Zoe Friesberg and Kara Hahn plus Stev Pavlovic and Lloyd vant Hoff. Being there with friends made all the difference to the experience and it was really great for me to have the chance to explore Hobart a little (I’d never been before!). MONA is excellent.

Round Two of the ANAM Concerto Competition will be open to a public audience this year at the South Melbourne Town Hall before the finalists are announced and travel to Tasmania to perform with TSO.

ANAM Concerto Competition Round 2: FREE to public
25 May: 2pm-5pm
27 May: 9.30am-2pm
28 May: 1pm-4.30pm


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