Jonathan began cello studies at the age of 11 and completed his Bachelor of Music (performance) at Sydney Conservatorium in 2014 under the guidance of Julian Smiles. Jonathan is now studying under Howard Penny (ANAM Head of Cello and Strings) at the Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM).


Jonathan is the cellist in the Estivo Trio, who will be competing at the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition in 2015. In 2014 Estivo Trio travelled to Verona, Italy participating in the inaugural Estivo Summer Chamber Music Festival. Later in 2015 they will be travelling to China where they will be holding masterclasses and performing in concerts across the country.

What is your trio called and how did you get started?
We are the Estivo Trio. We formed at the beginning of 2014 compete in the Sydney Conservatorium’s inaugural Estivo Chamber Music Festival in Verona, Italy. The Con sent over three string quartets, one piano trio, two wind quintets and a saxophone quartet. We were lucky enough to win the piano trio spot. Coincidentally, the festival is where we get our name.

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition (MICMC)?
It’s a very exciting opportunity to represent Australia at such a prestigious competition. Exciting and a little daunting! But our trio is really looking forward to being able to showcase our hard hard work on the big stage.

What are you looking forward to getting out of the competition?
Some prize money would be nice :p But honestly, regardless of how well we go in the comp, the experience we will be able to take out of performing at MICMC is invaluable and the exposure is exactly what a new and up-coming chamber ensemble needs.

How is your trio preparing for the event?
I’ve been traveling up to Sydney every couple of weeks to rehearse with the others, as they are both based up in Sydney. We have been putting on performances in Sydney and in Melbourne with our competition repertoire and have also presented this repertoire for a live broadcast on 2MBS-FM.

What is your biggest achievement (or most memorable moment) as a trio to date?
Biggest achievement would definitely be making it into this competition. Most memorable moment would be some of our experiences in Verona on the Estivo Festival including performing at the Sala Maffiena (a concert hall where an eight year old Mozart made his concert debut), and riding bikes around Verona.

What influence does studying at ANAM have on your playing?
ANAM has helped me personally and helped our trio as a group. Working with Howard has really helped me in preparing my individual part and honing my chamber music skills. As a trio we’ve been able to work with Timothy Young (ANAM Head of Piano and Chamber Music) and Robin Wilson (ANAM Head of Violin) on honing our repertoire, and have been able to perform in the ANAM Hall (which is where the first 2 rounds of MICMC will be held).


Melbourne International Chamber Competition is being held at ANAM from
Sat 11 July-Mon 13 July (Round 1)
Tues 14 July-Thurs 16 July (Round 2)

ANAM, South Melbourne Town Hall
210 Bank Street, South Melbourne

For more information or to purchase tickets to any of the sessions visit chambermusicaustralia.com.au

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