With the imminent recital season approaching us, we talk to our lovely musicians who are madly preparing for their performances. Special care and consideration is evident in the selection of their programs:

“Each piece exhibits facets of Horn playing that I physically cannot do or haven’t learnt yet. It is also mostly modern repertoire which I have little experience in performing. This performance is pushing my capabilities to its limits.”
– Tim Skelly (NSW) horn

“I wanted to perform some of my own works, because more often than not I don’t give enough time to the composer side of me. I have wanted to perform the Beethoven for a long time, and the Couperin I absolutely adore. They are both from completely different schools but are both extraordinarily expressive. I hope to respond to the Couperin in some of the preludes I’m writing.”
– Andrew Leathwick (NZ) piano

“I have selected a mixture of pieces I love and will be challenged with. Incorporating a chamber music element to a recital is always big on my agenda too! The program will take the listener on an around-the-world adventure, stopping off in France, Italy, Australia and America.”
– Amy Whyte (NSW) clarinet

“The Hindemith and Debussy are unusually short for the sonata genre, and the Beethoven is one of the lesser known of the Beethoven sonatas. I wanted a contrasting program which includes lesser known works for the instrument, but they complement each other in different ways. The Beethoven really stood out to me when I heard it at Wigmore Hall last year, and I’ve been wanting to play it since.”
– Jovan Pantelich (VIC) cello

“[The program] relates to my PHD research through Griffith University in that I am exploring contemporary music that is not often performed and presents significant musical and pianistic challenges. As well as being very interesting composers and pieces, I am keen to further my repertoire of contemporary solo works. This concert is comprised of four pieces for piano and tape. The preparation process of these complex works will be very fascinating! It’s a genre of music which is not presented often on the concert platform and I am looking forward to exploring the challenges.”
– Alex Raineri (QLD) piano

It’s becoming apparent that these devoted musicians are going to bring everything they’ve got for these performances. We wish them all the very best for the silly September season here at ANAM!


All recital details can be found here: http://www.anam.com.au/what-s-on/

Don’t forget it’s only $5 entry and free for our ANAMates.


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