ANAM Quartetthaus is back for another season! With construction commencing today, and a whole new dimension added to this year’s production…we are getting excited.

In the past, audiences have loved the unique, intimate setting this space provides, however our ANAM Musicians also enjoy the challenge of performing with new constraints. Here’s what our ANAM Musicians and Faculty have to say about this experience.

“For the players, this configuration fosters intense interaction, communication and listening – all essential skills of chamber music.” – Howard Penny, Head of Strings

This seems to be something that the performers agree with. Gemma Tomlinson (cello), commented that she found it initially quite intimidating but that as a quartet it was a valuable experience: “We all became a lot more aware of each other, partially due to the fact that we all faced each other, but also that we could all hear so much more in the acoustic. It felt a lot easier to bounce off each other’s energy during performance.”

Patrick Brearley (viola) agrees that ANAM Quartetthaus is a unique experience as a musician: “It changes everything about a performance – from how you phrase things, all the way through to how you have to stand, turn, bow and then walk off each concert.”

“The intimacy was shocking at first,” said Gregory Daniel (viola), “it made us consider how we breathe and smile. Even the subtlest of movement and sound are seen and heard, so great attention to detail was needed!”

Head of Violin, Robin Wilson sums it up perfectly, “ANAM Quartetthaus is a truly special event for both players and the audience alike – almost a symbiotic relationship where the performers react to the energy and atmosphere created by the audience. Such close proximity often results in a profound experience for all. We are all very excited about ANAM Quartetthaus continuing this year.”

Stay tuned for progress in developments, as we look forward to unveiling three artists who have been commissioned to transform the exterior of ANAM Quartetthaus into something very special.

ANAM Quartetthaus is featured as part of the Melbourne Festival program. Secure your tickets now, as they are selling fast!
Sat 10 October – Sunday 18 October
For information on various sessions and bookings go to our website.

Image credit: Pia Johnson


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