Anna Seymour by Pippa Dodds

The Emerald Hill Festival returns for its fifth year on Sunday the 15th of November. A free community celebration highlighting the work of the iconic arts and culture organisations that reside in the vicinity of the South Melbourne Town Hall. ANAM joins forces with the Australian Tapestry Workshop (ATW), Arts Access Victoria (AAV) and Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) to present a fun filled day for the whole family.

This year, we can look forward to two collaborations especially put together for the festival. One of which includes the Point of Connection. Arts Access and ANAM bring together two highly skilled deaf dancers from The Delta Project with musicians from ANAM to explore the points of connection and disconnection in music and movement for artists who experience the world and their artform through different senses. Founded in 2012, dancers Jo Dunbar and Anna Seymour decided on a name that fitted the ethos of bringing deaf and hearing dancers together in the same space. A ‘delta’ is what you get when two main bodies of water meet.

It will be fascinating to see how Dunbar and Seymour respond to the lower frequencies and reverberations supplied by the ANAM percussionists. Whether it be through passages of improvisation or via other prepared works including Mark Applebaum’s “Metaphysics of Notation,” this promises to add a highly creative element to the Emerald Hill Festival.

Ballantyne Room – South Melbourne Town Hall
11:30am – 12pm and 1pm – 1:30pm

Another special collaboration will forge between MAV and ANAM to form The Ethno Classic & Jazz Pocket Orchestra. Lead by Chilean multi-instrumentalist Igor Ledermann, seven Western classical musicians from ANAM will collaborate with Gambian kora player Amadou Suso and Ethio-jazz master Daniel Atlaw. This performance explores cross cultural intersections mixing improvisation and structure, with contemporary and traditional musical styles.

A little more on these musicians…Amadou Suso is today’s generation’s direct line descendent of the very first Kora master who lived 760 years ago. He lives true to his origins, combining a deep knowledge of Gambian traditional music with a passion for the contemporary possibilities of his own musical journey.
Professionally trained Ethiopian jazz, traditional and contemporary musician, Daniel Atlaw graduated from the Yared School of Music in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa. Before arriving in Australia in 2007, Daniel was a resident musician, composer, arranger and teacher at the Ethiopian National Theatre.

Joining this unique lineup will be ANAM Musicians Kim Falconer (flute), Luke Carbon (reeds), Kaylie Melville (percussion), Nils Hobiger (cello), Christopher Bainbridge (double bass), Rollin Zhao (violin) and Eli Vincent (viola). A mouthwatering combination of instruments, styles and grooves.

South Melbourne Town Hall
11am – 11:30am and 2:30pm – 3pm

Sunday 15 November
10am – 4pm
Corner Bank and Perrin Streets
For the full program, click here.



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