Regarded as the pinnacle of the performance season, the ANAM Chamber Competition is now in full swing! After months of preparation, our ANAM Musicians have toiled away to create a diverse program.

Where traditionally competitions can be limited in focus and scope, the entries here are representative of all instrument areas, from woodwind, brass, percussion, keyboard, harp and strings, as well as countless, inventive combinations between.

The percentage of performances programmed by ANAM’s young musicians is quite remarkable. Of the 170 performances in ANAM’s annual calendar, 90 of these include programs devised and led by ANAM Musicians themselves. Forming the core of ANAM’s season, the Solo Recitals, Soundbites and Fellowship performances showcase ANAM Musicians not only in their extensive performance skills but also their curatorial and programming abilities. ANAM Artistic Director Paul Dean describes the latter skills as “a very important part of the learning process” – skills that are equally important for young musicians as the performance practice itself, enabling them to forge enriching and sustainable careers as professional musicians for the decades to come.

Past winners of the annual competition making names for themselves in chamber music on the national stage include recently appointed Australian String Quartet second violinist Francesca Hiew (winner in 2012), and the Arcadia Wind Quintet, winners in 2013 and recently announced as the inaugural ensemble selected for Musica Viva’s new artist development program, FutureMakers.

After a hotly contested first round, we are pleased to announce the following ensembles have advanced to Round 2 (in no particular order).

SCHUMANN – Piano quintet in E-flat, op. 44 (Laurence Matheson pf, Rollin Zhao vn1, Kyla Matsuura-Miller vn2, Gregory Daniel va, Samuel Payne vc)

Carl VINE – String quartet no. 3 (Cameron Jamieson vn1, Natalia Harvey vn2, Katie Yap va, Nils Hobiger vc)

BARTOK – String quartet no. 3 (Harry Bennetts vn1, Nicholas Waters vn2, William Clark va, Mee Na Lojewski vc)

DEBUSSY arr. Michael LEVIN – Trois chansons (Ben Lovell Greene tbn, Amanda Tillett tbn, Elijah Cornish btbn, Jason Catchpowle tba)

RAVEL – String quartet in F Major (Harry Bennetts vn1, Zoe Freisberg vn2, William Clark va, Mee Na Lojewski vc)

TCHAIKOVSKY – Souvenir de Florence, op. 70 (Hilary Hayes vn1, Lily Higson-Spence vn2, Pat Brearley va1, Rachel Grimwood va2, Jonathan Bekes vc, Jonathon Coco cb)

MENDELSSOHN – Piano trio no. 2 in C minor, op. 66 (Riley Skevington vn, Jovan Pantelich vc, Alex Raineri pf)

POULENC – Sextet for piano & wind quintet op. 100 (Jennifer Timmins fl, Stephanie Dixon ob, Kenny Keppel cl, Chris Haycroft bn, Ben Messenger hn, Laurence Matheson pf)

The three-stage ANAM Chamber Music Competition opens the doors of the South Melbourne Town Hall to audiences for both the semi-final on Wednesday 18 November at 9.30am, and final round on Saturday 21 November. This event is another exceptional example of how ANAM’s young musicians are taking control of their music programming and creating performances that are relevant and meaningful to their development and ultimately their careers as professional musicians. Come and see for yourself how high the standard is.


Visit anam.com.au for program details

ANAM Musicians

Venue South Melbourne Town Hall
Tickets $5 (ANAMates Free)


Visit anam.com.au for program details

ANAM Musicians

Venue South Melbourne Town Hall
Tickets $5 (ANAMates Free)
Bookings info@anam.com.au 03 9645 7911

Image above from ANAM Chamber Competition Round 1 (L-R): Hilary Hayes (vn), Lily Higson-Spence (vn), Patrick Brearley (va), Rachel Grimwood (va), Jonathan Bekes (vc) and Jonathan Coco (cb).

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