Over the last couple of months, several of the musicians at ANAM have been involved in Community Engagement work at Albert Park Primary School under the direction of Karen Kyriakou. Karen is an educator for Musica Viva and has assisted us in creating presentations for primary school-aged children to help them understand and participate in music making.

Having completed a lot of community engagement activities in the past, coupled with my years working as a music educator, I was so excited to be sharing my knowledge with more children as a complementary project alongside the music performance culture at ANAM.

For the presentations, I was joined by three other instrumentalists at ANAM: Owen Jackson on oboe, Alex Waite on piano, and Mitchell Jones on clarinet. I completed our quartet on flute, and we set off on our first quest: to find a piece that would be interesting for the kids, but also to accommodate for our unique instrumentation. We decided Camille Saint-Saëns’ Caprice would be a suitable option, and we started creating games and activities that the kids could connect with and learn in a relatively short amount of time.


L-R Eliza Shephard, Owen Jackson (QLD), Alex Waite (VIC), Mitchell Jones (QLD) perform for Albert Park Primary Year 3’s

Community engagement projects like these need to be supported. The enjoyment I could see on the children’s faces that we met during our presentations was all that a person needs to see to understand that what community engagement stands for is positive and appreciated. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience live music, and community engagement offers this in an appealing and educational way.

Words by Eliza Shephard (NSW) ANAM Flute

Headshots by Pia Johnson


One thought on “Eliza and ANAM get schooling

  1. I went on one of these at Albert Park Primary a few years ago. They are terrific programs and educational in both directions. I would like to see them expand to other schools

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