On our radar this week, is pianist and ANAM fellow Laurence Matheson (VIC) as he prepares for his final ANAM recital. We checked in with Laurence as he reflects on his time here.

You’ve been at ANAM for nearly 4 years. Over the course of that time, what has been a highlight for you?
One of my very first concerts at ANAM was a big Messiaen project with Peter Hill that finished just before the clock chimes on Easter Friday. It was quite a surreal moment! Towards the end of my time as a student last year I really enjoyed performing Poulenc’s Aubade with the ANAM Orchestra and Wissam Boustany.

Tell us a bit about your Fellowship project and what you are most looking to forward to about your final program?
My fellowship project had the very broad title of ‘Chamber Music with Piano’, and for it I’ve been able to program some of my favourite repertoire that I didn’t get to play while I was a student. This program is no exception, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of Melbourne’s best musicians for it.

What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned from your fellowship?
One of the steepest learning curves I’ve had is the amount of effort it takes to put on a concert; everything from finding 18 players for a concerto orchestra to arranging radio interviews and deciding stage plans and dress codes.


Laurence with ANAM cellist Sam Payne (NSW)

Is there a skill or opportunity that ANAM is facilitated you, that perhaps wouldn’t have happened elsewhere?
I think the sheer number of performance opportunities and amount of chamber music going on is unlike anything else in Australia, and is invaluable for young musicians.

Are there any projects outside of ANAM you’re working on at the moment?
A few days after my fellowship concert I actually fly to Sydney to perform with the ballet for a few weeks, and I also have a recital at the MRC in mid-November, so I’m busy preparing for those two!

How do you like to unwind post-concert?
I like to have a bit of a debrief with colleagues but also won’t say no to a quiet unwind with some chocolate and a good TV show.

Who inspires you as a musician, or as a person in general?
My favourite pianist is Martha Argerich, to me she combines flawless technique with an incredible musicality. One of my personal biggest inspirations has been my wonderful teacher Tim Young, who’s vast and broad knowledge always keeps me challenged and intrigued.

You can see Laurence perform in his final ANAM recital:

Laurence Matheson Concert 4
Thursday 3 November 7:30pm
South Melbourne Town Hall

POULENC Sextet FP100
DOHNANYI Sextet op. 37
DVORAK Piano Quintet No. 2 op. 81

Laurence Matheson (VIC) piano
Nick Deutsch oboe
Jack Schiller
Lloyd van’t Hoff 
Sophie Rowell 
Kiran Phatak flute
Alex Morton French horn
Katie Yap viola
Jarrad Mathie cello
Rebecca Luton (QLD) French horn
Freya Franzen violin
Chris Cartlidge viola
Michael Dahlenburg cello

Tickets Full $20/Conc $15/ANAMates $5

Images by Pia Johnson


One thought on “Q & A with Laurence Matheson

  1. A selection of Laurence’s performances and an interview with him will be broadcast on my 3MBS Illuminations program on 24 November at 8pm (also available as a podcast for one week). The program starts with some words from Timothy Young, and after Laurence’s section I start my feature on Alex Raineri’s fellowship project, which will be continued in a second program that will be broadcast in March 2017. The second program will also feature Sonya Lifschitz’s fellowship project – Crumb’s Makrokosmos.

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