Fame, Fortune & Lies : the Life and Music of Eileen Joyce is a window into the life of Eileen Joyce; an Australian concert pianist, recording artist, radio performer, fashionista and film star during and after the Second World War and arguably one of Australia’s finest musical exports to the world.

Commissioned by 3MB Fine Music Melbourne, Julia Hastings’ one-woman show was adapted for radio and broadcast on 3MBS’ Illuminations late last year (29 September 2016). The program has since been submitted to the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia for the Excellence in Music Programming award.

Live performance of Eileen’s music, spoken dialogue, sound effects, historic recordings of Eileen and informed discussion between Peter Gardner (Presenter) and Julia, tell how Eileen was an early pioneer of classical music and showed on the international stage the superb and distinct qualities of Australian musicianship before and after WW2, when Australia was still suffering the ‘cultural cringe’.

With the full program being 2 hours in duration, below is a 30 minute selection of highlights from the program, including an interview with Julia discussing her journey from creating the show to now being a radio play!

Judged against all other music genres across Australia, finalists will be announced on 28 June with the winners revealed on 11 November.

For more information on Julia Hastings visit her website.

Images: Cameron Jamieson Photography
All photos used are taken from juliahastings.com.au.


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